Get Searchable!

Welcome to The Food Shooter.  This is a blog used for testing SEO on

Can’t find your blog on Google now matter how hard you look?  Well that’s because blog Themes do not allow the user to make custom meta data tags.

What are Custom Meta Data Tags, you ask.  Well, they are words that are placed inside your website that the google bots can use to index your blog on the search engine.  Now, for the bad news.  If you have a blog and your hosting it on you can not add custom meta data tags to your blog!   If you have a blog and are self hosting your wordpess blog elsewhere then you can customize meta data tags for your site.

If you have a blog (and hosting on there is a way to create your posts in a manner that will make them more searchable on the search engines.  If you have a blog and are self hosting then you can pick a Theme that has built in SEO (search engine optimization) tools or use plugins the help you do this.

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